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January Random Favourites

Yesterday I wrote a post about my January Beauty Favourites, so I thought I would share what random items I've been loving throughout January too.


Tartan scarf - This autumn/winter I've been a massive fan of everything tartan. As soon as I saw this scarf whilst doing some Christmas shopping in Primark I knew I had to have it, plus it was less than £10 - I can't quite remember the price. 

I loved the fact that the main colour was navy, I wear a lot of dark colours, mostly black! And with the mixture of the reds, yellows, oranges and greens I knew this would be perfect for adding a pop of colour to my outfits. 

Since I bought it I've worn it nearly everyday, so next time you take a trip to Primark keep your eyes out for this.

Dressing gown - It was getting to the time where I really needed new dressing gown, I was wearing my boyfriend's one more than mine, which he didn't appreciate ha! My parents got me this super fluffy gown (as Agnes from Despicable Me says "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!) for Christmas from Peacocks so I'm not sure of the price but I'm going to guess between £15-£20.

Seeing as I was ill for the majority of January, I haven't really taken this off except to wash it a few times. It's perfect for this cold weather when all I want to do is snuggle on the sofa or in bed with a cup of tea in front of the telly.

Books & Stationary.

So I'm a little late to the party with this one... I'd seen so many Bloggers & Youtuber's mention Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl - A young woman tells you what she's learned and as I am a bit of a book worm I wanted to give it a go as what I'd heard about it it sounded like something I would like. Now I haven't seen any episodes of Lena's Girls but once I've finished this book I'll be binge watching them all!

On Christmas Eve Tom (my boyfriend) and myself made the crazy decision to nip to Tesco - big mistake! However I noticed that Tesco had cut the price massively, it was only £6 compared to it's original price of £16,99!

Very kindly Tom said he would get it me for Christmas, so in between the madness of  Christmas and me being ill I've managed to read a little bit and so far so good. Lena tells hilarious little stories of her life from growing up to life in college and beyond, at 24 I feel like I can relate to a lot of what she writes about. So if you happen to see this reduced whilst you're out and about then I recommend you picking one up. I might even do a full review once I've finished it.

Whilst on our little trip to Tesco I happened to browse the stationary section and picked up this Pret A Porter A5 Note Pad for £2.55. I have a rather big love for stationary, you could call it a slight obsession, but I was in need of a new notepad for blogging anyways! 

I love the design of the gold and black chevron pattern and for the price, it was mine! I also love that the edge of the pages are black too.

TV & Youtube.

Broadchurch - Everyone and their dog is watching and talking about this programme in the UK, if you're not then go watch it now!

After the first series everyone was hooked on this programme as the twists and turns kept you coming back for more week on week and to the delight of millions the last episode ended with "Broadchurch will return".

Source - bbcamerica.com/broadchurch

After what seemed like forever... 2 years! Broadchurch made it's return at the beginning of January and oh boy it was worth it as within the first 15 minutes it delivered us with a shock no one was expecting. 

I can't go into too much depth about this programme without giving too much away but take note of all the buzz around this show and the great viewing figures - go catch up on series 1 now!

Luther - I managed to catch the second to last episode of Luther in 2013 and I remember thinking "Oh wow, what is this?!" Why I hadn't seen Luther before, I have no idea as from the opening scenes of this episode I was hooked. 

When I got Netflix I saw that they had all 3 series of the show on there which was my opportunity to binge watch yet another TV programme... I don't really need an excuse!

Source - www.collider.com

I can tell when something is good when Tom actually sits down to watch it with me. He can't sit in front of the TV all night like I can, he gets bored and his attention moves on to something else every ten minutes. So when he sat through an episode and showed interest in watching another, I was shocked but didn't complain!

Luther is a detective in London who also has a darker side which sometimes sees him taking police matters into his own hands. You get to see how he deals with issues his personal life has thrown at him whilst he carries out his detective work. And the fact that Idris Elba plays Luther makes everything about this show great, especially when he's tipped to be the next Bond.

Also good news, the BBC are bringing Luther back to our screens this summer with a number of specials - I can't wait.

Silent Witness - As you might be able to tell, there is a slight theme going on here, I really like drama and murder mystery programmes. I hadn't really seen Silent Witness until Tom's dad started watching it last year and from the get go it grabbed my interest.

Source - http://images.radiotimes.com/

The series follows a team of forensic pathologists in London who help to investigate and solve murder cases in conjunction with the police. I enjoy how real this programme is most of the time, in comparison to a lot of American TV shows where it's dramatised in ways. I've seen this show been described as "gruesome and harrowing" which I agree with but I don't mind as I'm not easily offended.

Each 'episode' comes as a 2 parter so it always leaves you wanting more, however I am rather impatient so I prefer to record both episodes so I can watch one after the other.
Celebrity Big Brother - As well as murder mystery & drama I do love myself some reality TV, ok I say some I mean a lot.

January see's a new lot of celebrities entering the Big Brother house and normally when the presenters of the show, Emma Willis and Rylan Clarke, say that the cast are excellent and the best lot of celebs they've had so far you take it with a pinch of salt. However this year from the get go it has been full of arguments and drama, mostly between Perez and Katie Hopkins, but it has made for great viewing.

Source - http://www.thisisbigbrother.com/

There has been so much going on you just can't help but tune in every night to see who's been winding who up and with the addition of Katie Price I think it's just made the show a must watch.

New Girl - Last weekend Tom was away in Liverpool, so I took this opportunity to hibernate in front of the TV and indulge in Netflix as I knew I wouldn't be disturbed.

Source - www.hulu.com

I'd stopped watching New Girl on E4 about a year or two ago for no reason in particular because I really like this show. I'd seen someone mention the show on Facebook earlier that day so thought I'd catch up with what I'd missed, which in fact turned out to be a lot which I didn't realise.

This meant I had over a season and a half to catch up and with each episode being only 22 minutes long, it was perfect to watch one after another after another.....

I'd say it's one of the few American comedies that I actually find myself laughing at, the set up also reminds me a lot of Friends and who doesn't like Friends?! I really like all of the characters and one of my OTP's has got to be Nick and Jess.

It's easy to watch which is just something that we need now and then.

Lily Pebbles - Over the past year or so I've been enjoying watching vlogs more than your typical sit down type videos on Youtube, So when it comes round to the annual tradition of Vlogmas I have a long list of people I like to watch as every year the tradition grows and more people decide to participate with Vlogmas.

This year I had so many people that I wanted to watch it meant I still had a fair amount to watch in the New Year and Lily's vlogs were one.
Source - https://www.youtube.com/user/WhatIHeartToday
I clicked to watch one or two of Lily's vlogs one night with the intention of doing something else afterwards, roll on 3am and I'd nearly watched all of her Vlogmas episodes.

Even though her lifestyles consists of going to blogging events, shopping at places I can't afford and eating out a lot I still found her Vlogmas really entertaining. I like her talks to the camera and how she likes to experiment with how she edits her videos whilst at the same time coming across as a genuine, lovely woman.

Now to get my fix of Lily I find my self waiting for her to upload her weekly vlog every Tuesday and to be honest I could easily watch her if she decided to upload vlogs daily. 

So if you're looking to subscribe to someone new and for some reason you aren't already subscribed to Lily then check her out, I've linked her channel above. Also she has a great blog which you can find here

I want to know what your random favourites have been this January, so leave a comment below :)

Thanks for reading.


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