Monday, 24 November 2014

Instagram Round Up

I thought I would do a quick round up of a few of my favourite pictures from my Instagram, plus it gives you a chance to be nosy!

Blackpool is my home town and even though it is rather tacky to say the least, I do love it, especially on sunny summer days like this.

One of the best things about Blackpool has got to be the doughnuts. YUM!

In my downtime there is nothing I love more than relaxing with a brew and reading some blogs.

I LOVE this programme! You need it in your life if you haven’t seen this! My fingers are crossed for another series.

So my boyfriend is in a band called Lithium Glass Road and this summer they played numerous local festivals. This was my favourite out of them all due to the fact it was in a lovely local park. They got to perform on the band stand overlooking the large lake, it was also a lovely sunny day. Make sure you check them out –  YouTubeTwitter & Facebook

Can you believe it was only this year that I discovered the caramel frappuccino Starbucks?! This was my saviour on those hot summer days and I do just love grabbing an iced coffee and people watching.

This is Tess. She may look cute but all she wants is your food!

These are the people that mean the most to me. Nothing more needs to be said.

Tom & myself at a wedding. I've chosen this as we don't really have many pictures together for some reason. This makes a change.

As well as relaxing with a cuppa reading blogs, I also LOVE reading books.

This is Tom & I at Clitheroe Castle enjoying the bonfire and fireworks, it has now started to become an annual tradition that we do together.

I love autumn, the fact you get to dress up in cosy clothes, experiment with deeper colours for makeup and snuggle up in bed.

Finally, Tom & I went shopping the other day, we saw these mugs and we HAD to get them. Starting to feel christmassy now!

So if you've enjoyed having a little look into my life, then why not follow me on Instagram because I've become slightly addicted to it recently!

Thanks for reading! 

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